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Developers livestream on April 2nd

Come chat with us about OpenTTD! We held our first Twitch livestream late last year (you may have heard rumors of hovercraft shenanigans, which we deny), and will host another on April 2nd. Tune in at 18:00 UTC on Twitch — here’s a handy countdown and time zone converter.

Live to chat about NewGRF and OpenTTD development will be 2TallTyler, andythenorth, frosch, and Timberwolf, with TrueBrain behind the scenes to run the stream and ask us your questions posted in the chat. We hope you’ll join us!

Vote for the title screen of OpenTTD 1.11

Did you know that the savegame which plays behind the main menu of OpenTTD is created and selected by the community?

As we approach the release of OpenTTD 1.11.0, it’s time to select the next title screen. Entries were open for four weeks on TT-Forums and we received five entries from Erato, Timberwolf, didac, Emperor Jake, and Chrnan6710.

To vote, head over to GitHub. You’ll need a GitHub account (free). The deadline is Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 23:59:00 UTC.

OpenTTD 1.11.0-RC1

Today we release our first Release Candidate of our 1.11 release series!

The last two weeks we added a few more features we wanted to have for our 1.11 series, and fixed many bugs. A few entries worth mentioning:

  • Many build windows now have a way to filter lists. This is especially useful if you have many NewGRFs loaded.
  • You can now select the Display Refresh rate and if Hardware Acceleration should be enabled or not from the Game Options.
  • NewGRF Scanner and World Generation now feel a lot smoother and the GUI is more responsive while they are busy.
  • Over 18 bug-fixes; that is more than 1 a day!

With this Release Candidate we will no longer accept new features for 1.11 and we will focus the next two weeks on bug-fixing and making sure 1.11 is as stable as we can get it. If you find any bug with this Release Candidate, please report it to us so we can tackle it before the real release.

OpenTTD has been very busy in the last four weeks. To put it in words of GitHub Pulse Insight (as on the time of writing): 24 authors have pushed 253 commits to master. On master, 253 files have changed and there have been 26,262 additions and 6,060 deletions. We merged 113 Pull Requests and closed 69 bugs.

We wanted to thank everyone who contributed, both those that report issues and those that have been fixing them. It means a lot to us that so many of you still care about a game this old!

And .. just two more weeks left!

OpenTTD 1.11.0-beta2

Today we release our second beta of our 1.11 release series!

This second beta is a huge one: we have spent much of the time between last beta and this on massively improving the performance of our video-drivers on all platforms. With a huge thanks to michi_cc, we now even have OpenGL support! Don’t get your hopes up: it still is (and always will be) a 2D game.

To make sure these changes get their fair share of testing, we ask you to help us test them. Especially the following new features:

  • OpenGL support for all platforms.
  • Massive improvements to all video-drivers; so massive, we now have a setting to indicate an upper-limit to fast-forward speeds.
  • Display now runs on 60fps.
  • Generic Linux builds.

For a complete list of changes, please see the changelog.

Additionally, we are still searching for translators for 19 languages!

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OpenTTD on Steam

As of today, you can Wishlist OpenTTD on Steam.

Historically, OpenTTD always had a single home from where we distributed the game. We used to be hosted on SourceForge (you know you are old, if you remember that being a thing :D), and slowly moved towards our own self-created distribution methods. These days, we mostly distribute our game via our website.

But times are changing, and so is our hair. Over the last few months, we have silently been working to become a bit more visible in the world. Don’t worry, not for reasons you might think: OpenTTD has as many active users as it had in 2007. But more because we no longer think it is the right approach to only distribute via our own website.

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