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OpenTTD now available on

While we are slowly working towards 1.12, we have an in-between-versions surprise for you guys:

OpenTTD is now also available on!

A big thanks to the amazing people at for helping us getting there; especially their QA team which not only identified problems, but also found a fix for it .. that is just awesome!

So, go give them a big hug, and check it out:

OpenTTD 1.11.2

Today we released our second bugfix release of the 1.11 release series!

This release mainly addresses several crashes on startup, mostly caused by our shiny new OpenGL driver. More people should now be able to enjoy OpenTTD out-of-the-box!

And as always, we also fixed tons of other small bugs and problems that were reported and found. See the changelog for more detail.

OpenTTD 1.11.1

We present the first bugfix release of the 1.11 release series!

Along with our usual bug fixes, we’ve broken our own rules and included a couple of features in this release - a vsync option which should hopefully fix screen-tearing seen by some people, and volume controls in the Options window (with better defaults).

Notable bug fixes include improved scaling of a few windows, and better detection of faulty GL-renders which should avoid some crashes on startup due to bad video renderer.

See the changelog for more.

Developers Q&A livestream on April 9th

Come ask us questions about OpenTTD! After our fun but disagreeable second Twitch livestream yesterday and a very successful release on Steam, we will host a chat Q&A stream on April 9th. Tune in at 18:00 UTC on Twitch — here’s a handy countdown and time zone converter.

LordAro, Timberwolf, TrueBrain and michi_cc will try but probably fail in answering all your questions you never dared to ask about OpenTTD in chat.

OpenTTD 1.11.0

Another year, another release. Who would have guessed ;)

With 1.11 we bring you a lot of new features which you hopefully enjoy as much as we did creating them:

  • Performance improvements - Fast-Forward is now so fast, there is a setting to rate limit it (on by default).
  • Improved World Generation GUI - 100% rainforest maps are now available if you so request.
  • Towns can now grow with tunnels too - finally they can escape the hills!
  • Filter on name in many more windows - for those that enjoy playing with one too many NewGRFs.
  • Plant trees with a brush in Scenario Editor - it is like painting, but with trees.
  • A new titlegame for this release by Chrnan6710, who won this year’s competition.

And that is not all. We also fixed over 100 bugs and added / changed / improved over 100 more things. As always, check the changelog for a detailed overview.

Owh, and we are also now available on Steam.

So, to stay in the spirit of the current world situation: if your friends ask you why you are not visiting, tell them it is because OpenTTD 1.11 just released ;)